Monthly Archives: November 2011


A Dog-Face Veteran’s Thoughts

I’ve bled, sweated, and shed tears in the defense of this country. I’m humbled and honored to do so. I do it for the country, but mainly I do what I do for my brothers and sisters who share in these sacrifices.

The American people do a tremendous job honoring us veterans. Thank you. But I simply don’t understand why our four-legged Veterans aren’t honored side by side with the two-legged variety.

From the Minuteman of the Revolution to the Marines in Helmand Province, Afghanistan today, young Americans have heeded this country’s call. Since World War II, dogs have also answered this call of service to the nation.

These living, breathing creatures risk their lives for the same reason the American service member does–for one another.  If you have ever walked a combat patrol you know that you breathed a sigh of relief seeing that furry four-legged explosive finding machine was out in front of your patrol.   

Military Working Dogs are on the front lines in the fight against tyranny. They are fighting and dying for our country.  Dogs are outperforming million dollar pieces of equipment on the battlefield. They are finding improvised explosives with their noses and instincts. They are saving our service members’ lives. I’m asking you to join me in recognizing them.  Because of their sacrifice, your loved one may be here today.

So, please thank your two-legged Veterans. And, if you have the opportunity, also thank your four-legged Veterans too.

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