An Air Force Handler and his Military Working Dog

Military Dog Pictures of the Week (March 28, 2012)

More pictures from my trip to the Inter-Service Advanced Skills K-9 (IASK) Course, YUMA Proving Grounds Arizona

An Air Force Handler and his Military Working Dog

 “Dude, put your tongue away. You’re embarrassing me.”

“Sorry, Dad, I’m just excited to go find things for you.”

An Air Force Handler and his Military Working Dog

 “Boy, I can’t wait until I get my Kong! I wonder if there is any peanut butter in it.”

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Military Dog Picture of the Week (March 21, 2012): Kong Euphoria!

The New A-Team hits the dirt roads of Afghanistan hunting for the Taliban

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13 thoughts on “Military Dog Pictures of the Week (March 28, 2012)

      1. Worship Dancer

        i’m not sure their handlers WANT them to be able to speak. think of what they see the handlers do when no one’s watching. hehehe

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    1. Kevin Hanrahan Post author

      Mine love that as well Barbara. We freeze ours before giving it to them but they make quick work of them.

      1. Candi Fenton

        Kevin, probably not the place for this but I’m hoping you have some suggestions for me. I have tried everything… I have to kennel my youngest pit (1+ yr) when I go to work because he gets bored and things like couches and shoes, etc. apparently provide wonderful joy and entertainment for him. I tried the Kongs (frozen and “thawed”) but he manages to chew these up into tiny bits within two days. (He even chewed the bottom out of his kennel!) Needless to say I can’t afford this. I finally put my older male in with him (well, actually I finally allowed Rollo to go into the kennel with Joker – he was pouting as if Joker was getting some special sort of treatment) and that seems to have helped… some). any suggestions???

        1. Kevin Hanrahan Post author

          He simply sounds bored. Plus he is a puppy so enough said!
          Are your dog’s kennel trained or do they have the run of the house when you are at work? Is your goal to give both of them the run of the house when you aren’t home?
          There is no way I would give your puppy the run of the house yet when you aren’t home.

          1. Candi

            The dogs are kennel trained – in fact, they put themselves in the cage and shut the door when they see me grabbing my coat – it’s pretty cute! I have no doubt he’s bored. I just haven’t found anything that can keep him occupied for the 8hrs he’s in the kennel. Having the older dog in with him helps, but I need something that he can chew on that he can’t destroy in 2 hrs. (The kong lasted the longest, but again, it was gone in 2-3 days and I can’t afford two a week!) I got my older dog through this but he’s full-blooded pit. I think the blue-heeler mix in this little pit is making him a bit more busy. Thanks! I appreciate any help (thinking about contacting the dog whisperer! LOL)

          2. Kevin Hanrahan Post author

            My dogs spend extended time in their kennels from time to time. I cover the kennel…signifies sleepy time. I also have them in the same kennel….that always calms Stella down. We do this same routine at night.

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