Military Working Dog Teams in Regional Command West

The Dog Teams of Regional Command – West, Afghanistan

Military Working Dog Teams in Regional Command West

MWD Pparis

 Sergeant First Class Gregg Bockelman was kind enough to allow me to use them. Gregg is the Military Working Dog Program Manager for United States Forces- Afghanistan, Regional Command West. We served together at Fort Bragg, North Carolina many moons ago.

 So what is Regional Command West? Well I took this directly from Wiklipedia…..

Regional Command West (RC West) is a multinational military formation, part of the International Security Assistance Force involved in the war in Afghanistan. It is tasked with controlling Herat Province, Farah Province, Badghis Province and Ghor Province, which have a population of about 3,156,000 people. Currently, the formation is led by Italy.

There are currently four Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs) under RC West:

Military Working Dog Teams in Regional Command West

MWD Breston

  • PRT Herat — located in Herat, Herat Province and led by Italy. This is currently the command and control (C2) headquarters and the forward support base for the formation[2]
  • PRT Chaghcharan — located in Chaghcharan, Ghor and led by Lithuania
  • PRT Farah — located in Farah, Farah Province and led by the United States
  • PRT Qala-e Naw — located in Qala-e Naw, Badghis and led by Spain

When I was in Afghanistan, 2010-2011, I spent some time in the west. What I found interesting about this Italian/ Spanish led command was the fabulous pizza parlors and the taunting shelves of liquor. Most of you know that U.S. Soldiers must abide by General Order #1 while in Afghanistan. That order says so alcohol. So it was just really funny for me to see shelves and shelves of liquor while deployed!Military Working Dog Teams in Regional Command West

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8 thoughts on “The Dog Teams of Regional Command – West, Afghanistan

  1. Daniel (and Bony)

    I have met these guys a few times. My main kennels is out of BAF and SFC Bockelman took me under his “wing” because getting stuff to me is not a fast process
    (NOT the kennels at BAF fault just the way it is). Everytime him or any of the handlers were coming to my area they asked if myself or Bony needed anything. Theses guys have special preyers for them all the time! Oh yea SFC Bockelman is my KM back in Fort Bragg!

    1. Kevin Hanrahan Post author

      Handlers stick together brother….heck for that matter MP stick together! Doesn’t hurt that Gregg is out there to square you away! safe safe Dan! Give Bony a hug for us all!

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