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Specialized Search Dog Gabe: Hero Dog Winner

Great news this weekend! Our hero, Specialized Search Dog Gabe, was awarded the title of Hero Dog by the American Humane Association ! This is the first time a military dog has been recognized for this prestigious award.

Congratulations Gabe! Also, a huge congratulations to Gabe’s dad, Chuck Shuck. Chuck has worked tirelessly over the past eight months or so campaigning for Gabe. Chuck committed himself to this exhausting campaign in order to bring recognition to all military dogs. Gabe won $15,000 which will be donated to the United States War Dog Association.

Specialized Search Dog Gabe in HumveeThe association sends care packages and assistance to dog teams deployed.

 During the first stage in the competition Gabe went head to head with other military dogs.  Thankfully Gabe emerged victorious.Then he faced the daunting task of facing off with the winners of seven other categories such as police and therapy dogs.

Gabe had this to say about his victory, “We are speechless right now. We are so honored and humbled. Our charity just won $15,000 and that is so amazing. Thank you GABE NATION and you better believe that was the last thing we said on stage!!!”

All the competitors are heroes in their own right. I salute them all!

Daniel: Emerging Heroes

Holy: Service Dog

Jynx: Law Enforcement Dog

Soot: Search and Rescue Dog

Stella: Therapy Dog

Tabitha: Guide Dog

Tatiana: Hearing Dog

“Last night Gabe won the 2012 American hero dog award and we are so amazed. All 8 finalist were so amazing. We got to honor all fallen MWD’s and handlers on a national stage so it was so worth it,” Sergeant First Class Chuck Shuck.

I’ve written a few posts about Gabe starting way back in March. Hopefully when things settle down I can learn more about Gabe’s adventures and write about them for you!

Military Working Dog Gabe searchingUntil then here are Gabe’s past stories:

Military Working Dog Gabe: The Street Dog Part I

Gabe: Pound Puppy Turned Military Working Dog Part II

Chuck and Gabe: Guns & Cookies in Iraq  Part III 

Once again, congratulation to Gabe, Chuck and all of Gabe Nation. This honor bestowed on Gabe wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Gabe Nation. A win for Gabe is a win for you all. Thank you all for voting and supporting Gabe.Military Working Dog Gabe

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14 thoughts on “Specialized Search Dog Gabe: Hero Dog Winner

  1. Julia Hugo Rachel

    I am SO HAPPY GABE won this award! We were really rooting for him and everyone here voted for him. All the dogs that competed were awesome, but Gabe stole our heart. We identified with his “cookie” mischief! Thank You for bringing Gabe to us Kevin, If it was not for you, I don’t think this would have happened.

    We also keep Both Chuck and Gabe in our Prayers.

    God Bless,
    Julia & Family

  2. aj Melnick

    It’s just about time a MWD and handler got the recognition they deserved! Way to go, Gabe & Chuck! And many congrats and pats and belly rubs for Gabe! Has anyone heard as to whether the bill in the Senate–the one that changes the designation of MWDs from “equipment” to “Canine Member of the Armed Services” has passed or not?

    1. Kevin Hanrahan Post author

      I’m not sure AJ….. I will follow up when I get a chance… I haven’t heard anything so I am guessing it is still stuck in Congress.

  3. Ginger

    This is so great! Gabe has done a great job not only of his military work but also of helping spread the word about these great dogs. Thanks, Kevin, for introducing me to Gabe–he is funny as well as heroic!


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