MWD Adoption

The Robby Law, enacted in 2000 permits MWDs to be adopted following completion of their careers on “active duty.” All dogs nearing the end of their military careers are carefully screened for their potential to be adopted as pets or transferred to other government law enforcement agencies.

Two programs exist:

1. Dogs that have been/are assigned to bases around the globe are adopted (when approved for retirement/separation) from the location they are assigned. The Kennel Master at that base is the person who best knows the status of their assigned K9 Heroes. Keep in mind that quite often former handlers, with priority rights under Public Law, adopt their former comrades.

2. Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas sometimes has promising dogs available for adoption.  The dogs are surplus dogs that are suitable for adoption but simply didn’t make the meet the rigorous certification standard to become military working dog.  They would make great pets and companions though.

When considering adopting understand that you will incur all medical bills for your adopted dog.  Once you adopt your dog he/ she is completely your responsibility.

See here for an MWD adoption overview.