The MWD Adoption Process starts when you submit a completed application. Once the application is recieved you will receive a confirmation, normally by email that it has been received. Your application will be kept on file in order of the date of receipt.

The oldest applications are first in the que.  When your application is pulled you’ll be contacted about possible dates available within the time frame being filled, usually a calendar month.

About 30 days before your appointment you should receive a courtesy phone call or email seeking confirmation of your appointment and indicating information needed for a base pass, if it is required. If you do not reply to this courtesy e-mail or phone call, teh dog school will be forced to give your appointment to somebody else, and your application will be deleted from their waiting list.

On the day of your appointment, please plan to arrive at the gate early to obtain your pass. You will need a current driver’s license, proof of vehicle insurance, and current registration. Once you arrive at the kennel facility, we’ll show dogs that are well suited to your interest/ability and home-life. Once you’ve selected a dog for adoption you’ll be refered the dog to the Veterinary Hospital for a departure physical, which is usually scheduled for the following day. After the physical is completed the Veterinary Staff will provide photocopies of applicable medical records for you to take to your animal health practitioner. The records and dog are usually available shortly after the noon hour on this second day.

Bring a leash, suitable collar and your driver’s license. After you sign the indemnity agreement you will be allowed to depart with your new family member. This process normally takes about one hour. REMINDER: Dogs being made available for adoptions, whether to law enforcement agencies or to private citizens, are not the highest priorities for our busy Veterinary Hospital. Emergency cases, as well as dogs that are in training or preparing to deploy to the field all have a priority over adoption dogs. Your patience is very much appreciated.

See here the categories of dogs available for adoption.